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Nitrate Issues and how much air should I allow?
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Author:  VPgreeny331 [ Jun 8th, '21, 11:41 ]
Post subject:  Nitrate Issues and how much air should I allow?

I’m a beginner in aquaponics, and have a 10 gallon indoor tank. I haven’t gotten fish yet because I’m working on the fishless cycle, the nitrite and ammonia are low now, but nitrate is between 80ppm-160ppm. Definitely can not get fish with that. I performed a water change and took out about 25-50% of the water but it barely seemed to help. Do I need to clean my under gravel filter? What can I do to bring nitrate down? A second question I had is how much air should I allow to flow into my tank? I have a two way check value attached to my air pump and I’m not sure how much air to allow by turning the little knob.

Author:  Rcmaveric [ Jun 11th, '21, 23:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nitrate Issues and how much air should I allow?

Areation problem... dont worry about that too much indoors or with cool waters. So when the water returns to your tank, that disturbance enhances gass exchange. I do airrate my tanks but am only concerned about that in my filters (enhanced aerobic environment) and main tank on warm days. Warm water holds less oxygen than cool. Air pumps dont inject exygen into the water, the broken surface tension enhances gass exchange.

Depending on system setup. You may need an airpump. Water is pulled from my sump and sent to the main tank and grow bed. The water going into main tank is more than enough for cool weather. But i am stocked dense and its starting to get hot outside. So I turned my air pumps on. Watch your fish they will tell you. If they are on the botttom of tank, all is well. They hang at the surface seemingly gulping for air... air rate the tank.

Nitrates.... add plants or water changes. Thats all you can do. Keep in mind diminishing returns of water changes. Do a 75% water change and add plants. Wait 24 hours and test water ammonion, nitrites and Nitrates. 120ppm nitrates is uncomfortable for the fish but wont kill them. You also could have pegged out the test kit. Done that a few times doing fishless cycles. Just keep doing water changes till the reading changes. Once you get your readings down. Spike the tank eith anough amonia to hit 1ppm. If its gone the next day cool. Test your systems by spiking with enough ammonia to hit 2ppm. Of amonia and nitrites are gone with in 24 hours you are ready for fish. If there arent plants the nitrates will build up. So add plants asap. I cycle with plants in for that reason. Dose daily with 1ppm amonia to keep your bactera alive. Before adding fish do a water change to bring your nitrates into safe levels.

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Author:  VPgreeny331 [ Jun 13th, '21, 00:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nitrate Issues and how much air should I allow?

Okay! Thank you so much!

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