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Acidic Having a pH of less than 7
Aerobic Requiring, or having abundant air
Aggregate Course material including crushed rock or gravel
Alkaline Having a pH above 7
Ammonia Produced by the fish in their waste and through the gills, can build up becoming toxic if not diluted or converted in thesystem
Anaerobic Dead zones caused by lack of oxygen, harbour bacteria, and release harmful toxins
Aphid Soft bodied, sap sucking insects may be white, yellow, black, or green
Aquaculture The cultivation of aquatic animals and plants in a controlled environment
Aquaponics Symbiotic relationship of plants and fish growing together in a system
Autosiphon Useful mechanism for controlling flood and drain cycles of a grow bed
Bacillus thuringensis Naturally occurring micro-organism effective as a treatment against caterpillars. Certified organic and not harmful to beneficial organisms
Bacteria Naturally occurring microscopic organisms, both good and bad
Biological filter Place that supports the colonisation of nitrifying bacteria, eg. growbed
Blue metal Greyish coloured crushed rock or aggregate, usually granite
Broodstock Mature fish used for spawning and the production of young
Buffer Additive which resists changes in pH when small quantities of an acid or alkali are added
BYAP Backyard Aquaponics
Calcium Silver/white, soft alkaline earth metal. Necessary for plant growth
Calcium carbonate Found naturally in chalk, limestone, and marble. Used to buffer pH
Carnivore An organism that feeds mainly or exclusively on animal tissue
CHIFT PIST Constant height in fish tank – pump in sump tank
Chloramine Combination of ammonia and chlorine usually used as a disinfectant and water treatment
Chlorine Powerful bleaching, disinfecting agent. Often used in drinking water supplies
Clay Naturally occurring, consisting of fine-grained minerals which hardens when fired or dried
Coir Natural fibre extracted from coconut husks
Cycled When a system has established populations of beneficial bacteria
Cycling The process of establishing bacteria populations in a system
Dechlorinate To remove chlorine
DWC Deep water culture: hydroponic method of growing plants suspended in nutrient rich water
Deficiency A lack or shortage of
Detritus Waste or rotting matter in the bottom of a fish tank
Dissolved oxygen  A measure of oxygen dissolved, in or carried in, a given media
DWV  Drain waste vent: type of pipe and fittings used for drain waste and vent plumbing
Ebb and flow The process of flooding and draining a media-filled growbed
Expanded Clay Clay pellets fired in a kiln which expands into porous “balls”
FCR Feed conversion ratio: amount of feed fed to an animal, compared to weight it puts on
Fingerling Young fish that have developed to about the size of a finger
Flood and drain Flooding and draining fish water in a media filled grow bed
Food grade Components made to a standard for coming into contact with food stuff
Fry Young or very small fish
Fungicide Chemical compounds used to kill or inhibit fungal spores or fungi
Gravel Rock particles
Growbed Where the plants grow in an aquaponic system
Growing media Substrate for bacteria habitat and plant root anchoring
Hydroponics Growing of plants without soil
Hydroton Brand of expanded clay/clay balls with high water storage capacity
IBC Intermediate bulk container to store and transport liquids
Irrigation Artificial application of water to land or soils
LECA Light expanded clay aggregate
Lime Calcium oxide. Extracted by heating limestone, coral, seashells, or chalk. Used for buffering pH
Limestone  Sedimentary used for buffering pH
NFT  Nutrient film technique where plants are suspended in a small enclosed gutter and a thin film of water is passed through the roots to deliver nutrients
Nitrate Naturally occurring nitrogen available for plant use
Nitrite  Produced as part of the nitrogen cycle, highly toxic to fish
Nitrogen cycle Process which nitrogen is converted between various chemical forms
Nitrobacter  Bacteria which oxidises nitrite into nitrate
Nitrosomonas  Bacteria which oxidises ammonia into nitrite
PPM Parts per million
PPT Parts per thousand
Purge Removal of impurities by cleansing
PVC Polyvinyl chloride- plastic polymer
Salt Mineral mainly composed of sodium chloride
SLO Solids Lift Overflow – piping method used to remove solids from a tank
Species Biological classification for a group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring
Standpipe  Standpipes set the maximum water level in a grow bed, and excess water that is pumped into the bed goes straight over the top of the standpipe and down the drain
Standpipe surround Casing for the standpipe which allows water to flow through pre-drilled holes
Stormwater Water that is derived during rain events
UV stabilised Substance/object protected from long-term effects of light and ultra violet exposure