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Tables and Charts

Ph Vs Nutrient

In both your aquaponic system and in soils, pH effects the availability of nutrients to your plants. As you can see detailed in the chart below, a pH of between 6 and 7 is ideal for availability of most nutrients and minerals. The width of the coloured bars show availability of the nutrient or mineral.


Ammonia Toxicity

Ammonia is toxic to fish at certain levels and with an aquaponic system you must be careful that your fish are not adversely affected by high ammonia levels. The toxicity level depends on a couple of different factors, pH and temperature, as well as the particular fish species your growing. As temperature and pH increases ammonia becomes much more toxic to fish.


Nitrogen Cycle

Our most pirated graphic on the internet, stolen by hundreds of people and palmed off as their own. The original diagram was thanks to Dave in South Africa, Dave designs our magazines and has a great interest in aquaponics and infographics to help get an idea or concept across to people simply. I guess this one does it very well as it’s so popular.