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Robert’s System

Robert had a small unused corner of his garden that had great sun, but wasn’t being put to good use, time to put in a courtyard system.

The perfect spot for a courtyard system. Bricks are put under the legs of the stand just to help be sure there will be no sinking of the stand into the dirt. We often use bricks if the system is not on a hard surface.

Sue is installing the AC/DC air pump on the rack under the stand. It’s great to have your air pump tucked in out of the way under the growbed, and the air pump is essential because it’s the backup system. When the power goes out the air pump switches to it’s internal battery and keeps pumping air for 9-10 hours, keeping your fish alive till the power comes back on.

Installing the standpipe and standpipe surround. This is an essential part of the system where the water drains from your growbed back into the fish tank. Care needs to be taken for the first week or two as the standpipe surround can easily be moved and lifted up, allowing clay to fall through. The surround needs to be loose though so that you can twist it to remove roots.


Nat has been washing the expanded clay. Notice the flexible  drain pipe going off into the garden. The expanded clay can be quite dusty but a quick 5 minute wash once the clay is in the growbed cleans it up.


All ready to go, time to plant some plants in the growbed and get some fish into the tank.