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Nats 3 Barrel System

Barrel systems such as this one are a great way to get an introduction into aquaponics. A fantastic project for a spare weekend.

This system is made from just 3 barrels. Nat has spent many hours playing around with the barrels measuring, drawing and thinking, trying to work out ways of using them efficiently and simply and this system is certainly one of his better ones.Notice that he’s even used the cut out from the top of one barrel as a stand to hold the fish tank barrel in place.

Here you can see a different angle, the growbeds are supported on stands made with a blue barrel cut in half.

Drain holes cut in the fish tank for the growbed drain pipes. Also a hole cut for the power cord of the pump.

Neat irrigation pipes running down the length of the barrel beds. This helps to direct all of the water down into the growbed. Many people don’t bother with this but we will always add irrigation piping to any systems.

Here’s all the plumbing laid out so that you can see what does into it. Quite a bit really when you lay it out like this.

Here you can see a little more detail of the drain pipe work from one of the beds back into the fish tank.

This is Nat’s new modified version of the three barrel system. The system is simplified somewhat. The beds are a little higher off the ground.

Here you can see the new cut outs in the fish tank barrel, eliminating the need for drain pipework.

The original system with some plants growing in it.

If you want further information about barrel systems, check back with us again as we are working on a barrel system manual.