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Forum Systems

Where to begin?  This is really hard to find just a few examples from the forum to include here, the problem is that there are just so many nice systems which have been built by forum members, and we’re seeing more every day as new members join and as people build their second and third systems.

We’ve tried to pick a variety of systems with a wide range of designs and materials to show you what’s possible. If you click on the pictures below it will take you to the forum page so that you can read more about the system and see more pictures.

Faye’s System  AwesomAP’s System


Rodm’s System TCLynx’s System


 Charlie’s System  Stucco’s System


Zsazsa’s System  Nat’s System


 The Hopefulls’s System   Eagles’ System


 Joel’s System   RS’s System

Fordy’s System






These pictures can give you an idea of the possibilities with aquaponics, if you want ot see more, please visit the Backyard Aquaponics Forum where there’s a vast number of systems you can look at.